Photography Guide

Is very important to have good photography on Pre-O-Porte marketplace. We want to deliver clear overview of the product to the shoppers. Please follow points below before setting a product photo up for the market.

  • We want your shots of the products to look as real as possible –  therefore we allow only classical studio photos. Use only white or very light color on the background.
  • Please do not upload catwalk, mannequin and model shots: the only thing on the photo should be the product
  • Do not use stylized photos!
  • Do not use too much editing. Don’t over retouch or add harsh filters, borders or watermarks to your shots. We also don’t allow collages – images should contain only one shot.
  • No black and white images.

Pre-O-Porter team checks new listings daily – if any listings are found which don’t follow the above, we’ll need to remove them from the site while you make a few changes.

*You are allowed to use stylized photo for campaign cover.

Here are some examples for good product photo: